e-sin, brainchild of Josh Morris, formed in 1999 as a one-man industrial act in Statesboro, GA. since then it's sound has evolved into something more influenced by the glitch movement while also retaining an adoration for distortion, well defined beats, and embracing lush pads layered under pretty melodies. e-sin is Josh's aim is to embody the sound of looking over your shoulder at what you're leaving behind, of pushing forward despite a fear of the growing distance between here and there.

Josh has touched on many genres with his ever-evolving project, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, both musical and tangible. With an inclination towards patches and patterns made by various applications of controlled randomness, the resulting sound is one that feels truly natural while being undeniably synthetic.

» holding on to drowning  
.......released on atlanta-based netlabel, lifeform project, october 19, 2004.
01. waking
02. simply tired
03. little dividend
04. kind of a destruction
05. evasion
06. quiet all night
07. x
08. wiredrawn
» clips: 2003-present    
01. aphelion  
02. ambient_3  
03. miscue  
04. fading  

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