» basics  
joshua adam morris
sex: obviously male
hometown: salisbury, nc
presently in: statesboro, ga
height: 5'9" or so - less if anything different
weight: 115-125 lbs, depending on finances
eyes: hazel
hair: brown dyed black, roots presently showing
» favourites  


trainspotting, a catcher in the rye
movies: original star wars trilogy, office space, requiem for a dream, american beauty, i <3 huckabees
foods: i love vegan food, but i'm not a vegan anymore. grits, hashbrowns, chicken lo mein, fried chicken, blanched whole green beans, steamed cabbage, raw carrots - unpeeled.
beverages: sweet tea, cold with no ice, black cherry kool-aid
alcoholic beverages: killian's, newcastle, hoegaarden, honey brown, and budweiser purely for nostalgia. screw liquor.
thing i shouldn't do but do anyway:
programs: trillian, opera, mirc, semagic, reason, cubase, fruityloops studio, openoffice, audiomulch...you know, really i like most programs at least a little.
website: livejournal.com
writing instruments: black pilot v-ball in a composition book or a nice journal. spiral notebooks also own.
saying: this too shall pass
place: my parents' back yard
sounds: thunder and rain, kids who can't talk yet
things to watch: ants on a mission, people in public

» miscellany

interests: sound-related sciences, psychology, philosophy, self-exploration
goals: i just want to achieve a state of contentedness and stability, because those are two things i find are the most fleeting for me
i would describe myself as: introverted, speculative, artistic, shy, and eager

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