note: all downloads are temporarily offline. i will be working to make them availible again shortly.

kits, patches, samples, and loops for your own music.

» reason refills
gl!tch.kits   eight original drumkits packaged in reason refill format (2.5)
» max/msp patchers



drum pattern randomizer - max/msp runtime required [ beta version - please report bugs! ]

» audiomulch patches
e-2xGl!tch   creates strange blippy sounds and/or chopped up distorted audio
e-ambience   ambience generator with percussive backing
» samples
distorted kit   distorted drums
eek kit   glitchy sounds
moretiny kit   more glitches
gl!tch kit   still more glitches
electro kit   electronic drums
scratch samples   cheesy scratch samples
spooky   sci-fi/horror ambience
feedback   strange note, untuned
himetalambience   ambient pad-like sample
dnb bongos   bongos
dnb cymbals   cymbals
dnb hats   hi hats
dnb kicks   kicks
dnb misc   triangles, tamborines, etc
dnb snares   snares
dnb toms   toms
» loops
dnb1   drum and bass loop [1/2] (drum)
dnb2   drum and bass loop [2/2] (drum)
industry   industrial loop (drum)
littlelead   strange percussive lead loop (chromatic)
strange   very wet drum loop (percussive fx)

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