after over a year without playing anywhere live, i decided to enter atlanta's 2nd anual laptop battle. part of the scoring is based on crowd response so any e-sin fans who'd like to show some support should definitely come out.

the battle is being hosted at Lenny's (map) on 02.27.06.

wish me luck.

~e-sin @ 04:38

long-time friend and host to e-sin online, emmrecords.com, was unavoidably shut down, this sparking the move to this new webspace, most graciously provided by fellow georgia musician, andrew velker.

for now, kits and patch downloads are temporarily suspended, because a) they were all lost when emmrecords.com shut down (the files still exist here, locally, but are not prepared for distribution online) and b) i would like to gauge the amount of bandwidth i use here before offering the downloads again. it would be most unfortunate to inconvenience our host in any way. also, the dnb kits are gone for good. i'm not going through the hassle of packaging that all up again, plus, they weren't mine to be giving away anyway and were in violation of intellectual property copyright law. since putting them up back in version 4 of the site, i've come to appreciate things like open source and the creative commons license so much more and will be sticking with perfectly legal downloads in the future, and providing in their packages all of the things used to make them that i can without further violating any laws.

as a secondary reason, it's looking possible that www.e-sin.net might be my new home on the web within the next month or so, and i'd sooner just wait and put it all up there, updated with new additions and the 'source code' goodies i was talking about earlier.

i'm trying to get a new release together for some undetermined netlabel. right now we're looking at a 4-5 track ep. i think you'll all be pleased with the end result, though, now that my url of 4 years is suddenly different, i'm not sure that any of you who may have followed my work will still know about it.

i've also discovered the bliss that is feedburner via my podcast (next paragraph) and am going to be updating my rss crap at the top soon. maybe i'll just do a whole makeover, bump it up to v5.5 or something, once i get the new space and domain (provided that happens at all - it's up in the air until my birthday :)

last little bit of news is that i've started an idm podcast [feed] by the name of glique [site] under my alter-ego lost.sync, who has yet to do anything useful other than this (but i'm sure we'll be seeing more from him in the future).

and that's that. sorry about the downtime. it was unavoidable.

~e-sin @ 20:49

to the statesborian running firefox: i'm impressed!
to the statesborian running ie6 on windows 98: i pity you.

i'll be posting a few new reason refills soon. i've gotten some new software and think it'd be a fun project. i'm also nearly done with a new track which will find it's way online either here or on my myspace music page. i might stop putting new tracks online after that for a bit because i really like the direction my new stuff is headed in and i don't want to spoil a release. we'll see.

also, i've moved back to atlanta. feels surprisingly nice to be back.

~e-sin @ 10:31

rss is reimplemented, but honestly, i recommend using the atom feed if your aggregator supports it. i'll have the site updated to reflect the atom feed's presence soon. in the meantime, you can just click here if you want to subscribe to it. i was previously using a pretty cool script called rssgenr8 which used tags in my blog template to create an rss feed. something involved with the new server, probably it's version of php, won't allow it to create the subject lines properly. that is the sort of thing that drives me insane. i've switched to a remotely hosted service which actually just converts the atom.xml into an rss document, but i make no promises as to its reliability or effectiveness. it did work in a test. i have no idea if it will continue to work or not.

i've become a big supporter of rss in recent months and really wish i was a little more adept at coding in php or pearl. i don't honestly know the first thing about either one and consequently don't know of a way to automatically update my feeds without using other people's tools. i can't see doing it manually. too bad you can't run mirc scripts on a web server, becaue that i could handle. it's really a shame that mirc scripting is the only language i ever achieved much of a level of proficiency with.

anyway...back to fixing...

~e-sin @ 18:42

we've recovered from a bit of downtime...our webhost moved us to another server and in the process managed to delete our entire site. lovely bit of work, eh? having a few small problems but everything should be worked out by the end of the day.

~e-sin @ 15:55



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